June 27, 2012 

Pocket Golf Progress, Campaign Crash Bug, Roadmap

Campaign Bug

A number of players have emailed us to report a bug that causes the game to crash whenever the campaign mode is launched after completing Mischief Mound. We’re working on a fix for that now, and will deploy it in an update shortly.

Thanks for the emails!

Progress & Reception

So far, we’ve had 16,000 new users log over 120,000 unique sessions (that’s over 1 year worth of playtime since launch)! Reception by players has been excellent, and the game currently has 4.5/5 stars from 350 ratings worldwide (thanks to everyone who’s played & left a rating).


We have a number of exciting updates planned for Pocket Golf (at least 8 more courses, for starters), so stay tuned! We’ve got a couple of priority tasks first though:

  1. Fix the campaign crash bug
  2. Enable support for 256MB devices
  3. Finish update v1.3 for Xtreme Joyride (those guys have been super patient!!)
June 27, 2012 

Pocket Golf Released!

Some exciting (and really overdue) news, Pocket Golf made it through certification and is now live on the marketplace (download it for free here). Pocket Golf is our most ambitious project so far, and took us a little under a year to make. This version is free and ad-supported, but we have plans to release a paid no-ad version (which will also enjoy some other benefits). Read more