February 7, 2012 

Xtreme Joyride Startup Crash Update

So, v1.1 didn’t fix the startup bug that’s been plaguing players in some European countries. Luckily I think we’ve narrowed down the cause and will have a fix in v1.2 (working on it right now!)

In the meantime, to get around this change the region format in your settings to English, like so:

Settings –> Region + Language –> Region Format –> English

February 6, 2012 

Xtreme Joyride Bug Fix

It looks like Xtreme Joyride doesn’t run so well on some Windows Phone handsets… and by not so well, I mean it completely crashes and leads to scathing one-star reviews.

Well, we’re on it! It’s not going to be easy narrowing down the cause (since we only have 4 WP7 handsets between us… and they all run fine…), but we’ll figure something out… so please be patient :)