August 3, 2011 

New Game Announcement – Legends of Golf

A few months ago, I mentioned we’d started work on our next WP7 title… Well, today I’m pleased to introduce “Legends of Golf”, a 2D side-view golf game. Learning from the feedback we received on BlockBuster, there’ll be two near-identical versions of the game: paid and free (ad-supported). We’d like to be ready for release before the Mango¬† update lands, but we’re using with a brand-new work-process so development is a little slower than usual.

Legends of Golf - Early Main Menu

We’re building Legends of Golf with lots of exciting features, including the location-aware leaderboards from BlockBuster.¬† Read more

August 3, 2011 

BlockBuster Update #5 – 87,000 downloads – 300,000 scores

It’s been a while since my last post – with work, school and other life activities, blogging has taken a back seat. Though I wasn’t particularly regular with my blogging to begin with…

In the meantime, BlockBuster continued to soar for quite a while, netting over 87,000 downloads with players logging over 300,000 scores from all over the world. That translates to over 1.5 million minutes of playtime! While that may not be an impressive figure compared to some of the iOS behemoths, I think it’s amazing that folks out there have logged that much time playing one of our creations. We like to think of it as contributing 1.5 million minutes of joy to the world :)

Things have begun to slow down for BlockBuster now, we’re now averaging about 100 downloads per day, and 400 new scores. I’ll try to find some time in the near future to go over some of the stats from our players.